Wise, Healthy & Wealthy

Words to Live by

by Dr. Mayer Horensten

This phrase may have struck you as out of order. It is. Most often we've recognized it as "Healthy, Wealthy & Wise."

However, after many years as a physician, I think the words often ring hollow. Too many of us take our health for granted. It's like there will always be light when I flip the switch, that FedEx will deliver that package the next morning, and like that dear old friend, that we don't call often enough, will always be there to answer when we call.

Wise should come first because then we would be more likely to recognize how important it is to practice preventive medicine.

Such medical conditions as strokes, coronaries or tumors that had already spread too far might be prevented or caught at an early stage.

It seems that there is more and more to do each day; stop at the cleaners, take Alice to soccer, take Johnny to martial arts and check the e-mail. It never ends.

"I should have's" are poor excuses when the damage to our health could be extensive or even irreversible. For once gone there may no longer be a healthy mind-body; one free of pain, anguish or limitations. Then the small amount of time to have taken care of ourselves may seem so trivial, so very trivial. Why didn't we just make the time?

So, if we are wise enough to really "Take care" as we are often told by friends saying goodbye, then we are in a better position to be healthy. That being the case, then we are definitely wealthy; not that we have to have big bucks in the bank, but that we can look and more importantly, feel well, which is quite a sum!

As the commercial goes: "Some things are priceless!"

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