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Wellness 101

How to Avoid Your Five Biggest Health Risks

The vast majority of health problems are preventable. And many are completely reversable. Which means it's never too late to enjoy great health! Don't be sidelined by the ailments that afflict the vast majority of the population. With a little knowledge and a little resolve, you can minimize your health risks and maximize your enjoyment of life!

In this entertaining, guilt-free presentation, you'll learn how to:

Dramatically lower your cancer risk
Prevent, manage and even reverese diabetes
Reduce your blood pressure quickly
Drop your cholesterol 20 points in 30 days
Keep your heart in optimum health
Lose weight without sacrificing your favorite foods
Strengthen your bones (so you'll avoid painful, crippling fractures)
Reduce stress at work and home
Actually enjoy exercise
Sculpt a body you can be proud of (without endless hours at the gym)
Boost your energy every day
Reduce the number of medications you take
Lose fewer days to colds, flu and other disease
Keep yourself out of the hospital, and
Save money on your health insurance!

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